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As BAGOM - one of the oldest LPG brands on the German market - we bring along the experience of more than 20 years of production and distribution of liquefied gas tanks.

Since the turn of the year 2015/2016, we have been your strong partner and reliable service provider in the field of LPG under the brand BAGOM LPG Tank und Services GmbH. We are offering our customers in the LPG sector innovative services and a complete service, right down to recurring testing.

With us, no question remains unanswered.
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Informations-Broschüre BAGOM PRIMUSAll information can be found in our BAGOM PRIMUS information brochure

BAGOM - PRIMUS innovation

Guaranteed safety! The LPG tank system against the effects of time!

Complete vaccination for LPG tanks against all recurring inspections!

  • 40 year guarantee* on the steel casing and welding seams
  • 40 year guarantee* on the epoxy resin coating
  • 100% X-ray inspection of all automatic welding seams
  • Ultrasound testing on all panels and bases
  • Design and selection of materials in accordance with EN 13445
  • Galvanized dome shaft with grass green powder-coated cover
  • Active and passive corrosion protection in conformity with the global technical standard in offshore pipeline construction
  • CCP system and epoxy resin coating tested in accordance with DIN 4681 Part 3
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of the CCP system by BAGOM
  • Recurring inspection (acoustic emission testing and/or power feed measurement) by BAGOM incl. confirmation from an accredited inspection body (ZÜS)
  • Safety valve which can be changed under pressure (ATSV)

All information can be found in our information brochure

*Read our guarantee terms and conditions concerning this in attachment 1

Competence and experience in the production of liquefied gas tanks for petrol stations worldwide

The fuel liquefied gas (LPG) is indispensable in the automotive industry. It has proven itself as an environmentally friendly and particularly cost-effective type of drive.

As BAGOM, we develop, produce and supply ready-to-connect petrol station tanks which are individually designed for the customer’s overall system. Close coordination with you as the outfitter or supplier is the top priority for us.

Thanks to the high level of automation and state-of-the-art production methods in our LPG standard tank department, we are in a position to produce small and medium lines at attractive prices. In the process, we comply with current production standards and the necessary quality guidelines.

Outside Germany, we are able to produce petrol station tanks and tank systems up to a volumetric capacity of 20,000 litres, 1,600 mm in diameter, with pressure ratings of up to 17.5 bar and a possible temperature range of +/- 50 °C in compliance with the framework conditions / legal provisions in your country and supply them ready for connection. Other designs are available upon request. Find out more in our large and special tanks product section. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

KKS - Kathodischer Korrosionsschutz


KKS - Kathodischer Korrosionsschutz - schematische Darstellung

BAGOM - active corrosion protection for your liquefied gas tank.

If an underground tank has failed the 10-year recurring inspection as a result of surface damage or surface condition, the inspection is successfully passed following retrofitting with our CCP system. The tank can be filled again!

Installation is only ever carried out by qualified persons at a price which is unbeatable on the market (see below for price list). Please give us a call. The technical data sheets can be found here (link for pit preparation and info brochure).

We offer you a complete service for the sale, commissioning and recurring inspection of cathodic corrosion protection, hereinafter referred to as CCP, systems.

  • Installation, calibration and commissioning of the CCP system
  • Two-year recurring functional testing of the CCP system

Through the incorporation of a sacrificial anode the potential between the container and the ground is reduced until oxidation is brought to a standstill.

The sacrificial anode comprises a base metal (magnesium) meaning that it breaks down slowly in place of the container. The tank is therefore optimally protected.

  • low installation costs
  • low maintenance costs
  • low inspection costs
  • no extra power connection required


Pit preparation


Price lists



Transport & services

We offer regional services for LPG liquefied gas tanks:

  • Regional storage, logistics and transport services
  • Tank storage in accordance with the BetrSichV [Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety] (TRBS [Technical Regulations for Operational Safety] 1203)
  • Crane booms up to 24 metres
  • Renovation of old tanks on site in our consignment warehouses
  • Storage and removal in our consignment warehouses
  • Recurring inspections and certifications for LPG tanks by our qualified personnel
  • Commissioning and recurring inspection of CCP systems
  • Sale and installation of comprehensive technical accessories for your liquefied gas tank (including upon request)

BAGOM LPG Tank und Services GmbH is a nationally active logistics company with its own consignment warehouses and a comprehensive service offering in the field of LPG for pressure vessels and storage tanks. As a member of the DVFG e.V. [German Liquid Gas Association], we offer our customers the construction/installation and maintenance of fixed liquefied gas systems and services.

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Hotline : +49 2753/50930

Both standard and large tanks can undergo an overhaul. Here, we manufacture according to your individual requirements.

The renovation and conversion of existing tanks is a central field of business for BAGOM within the G.A.M. HEAT GmbH group of companies, which takes over an exposed position for new standard tanks and liquefied gas tanks in Europe.

We are able to overhaul many standard, large and special tanks. From simple tank renovation through to complete tank conversion, everything is possible. This includes, for example:

  • refurbishing of the above ground or underground coating incl. ISO testing
  • changing fitting incl. leakage testing
  • structural modifications to tanks, and
  • final inspection by means of non-destructive material testing (in-house X-ray testing) and a water pressure test

You can save costs in the long term with our overhaul service. Please come and see us with your overhaul request! You are in good hands with us.

Pressure vessel construction of individual large and special tanks with capacities of up to 400,000 litres

For us as a recognised specialist in the field of LPG, almost all sizes and types of tanks up to a volumetric capacity of 400,000 litres can be realised for underground or above-ground storage.

We produce individual large and special tanks up to 400,000 litres, 5,000 mm in diameter, with pressure ratings of up to 50 bar and a temperature range of +/- 50 °C upon customer request. We rise to any challenge!

Thanks to the high level of automation and state-of-the-art production methods in our LPG standard tank department, we are in a position to produce small and medium lines even in large volumes of several hundred thousand litres at attractive prices. In the process, we comply with the current production standards and the necessary quality guidelines.

An important aspect for tanks in larger sizes is their fine-tuning to the requirements of the overall system and installation position. We develop the tanks in close contact with planning offices, architects and you as a supplier in order to be able to offer the right tank. Individual coordination with you as the customer is the top priority for us.

We are happy to produce large tanks in the field of LPG gas for you, as well as special tanks for noble gases, the chemical and petrochemical industries and a range of industrial tanks. Please tell use your concrete requirements for large or special tanks!

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