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Heat exchanger tubes

We offer the Maxitherm range in two different materials:

Stainless steel

Crosswise twisted stainless steel pipes are used for the pipe bundle in the VA/VAS/VAA ranges. These are coiled in opposite directions in multiple layers around a core. The twisting creates profiling of the inside of the pipes which generates a turbulent flow. This is linked to significantly better heat transfer and a self-cleaning effect at the heat transfer surfaces.


Copper pipes with high spiral fins are used in the copper shell and tube heat exchangers. Like the stainless steel pipes, these have a profiled interior so that a turbulent flow is achieved in the pipe, with the benefits of better heat transfer and the self-cleaning effect. At the same time, the fins on the exterior of the pipes enlarge the surfaces. Through clever use of the medium, the heat transfer surface required can be minimised as a result. This has a knock-on effect for the compactness and price.

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