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Piranha product innovation – small but powerful
Maximum power in the smallest space

The Piranha is a fully welded plate heat exchanger with a compact design. The heat exchanger takes its name not only from its heat transfer panels with a fish bone design, but also because its robust and consistent quality, its dynamism and power remind you of a piranha with assertiveness.

The benefit of the chevron / fish bone embossed structure is that the flow has regular changes of direction and cross section. Large values for the heat transition coefficient are achieved through the small gaps between the plates and the strong turbulence in the flow. The high performance heat exchangers in the Piranha range are available in a variety of sizes and can therefore do their job without a problem even in the smallest spaces. As well as stainless steel, special materials are available for the plate material. The seal-free fully welded design of the unit makes the Piranha perfectly suited for all liquids and steams in the fields of chemistry, petrochemistry, oil and gas exploration, in paper and steel production, energy and heating technology, and in particular in all applications which are outside the fields of application for sealed plate heat exchangers.

The Piranha is designed for the highest requirements with regard to operational reliability, pressure, temperature, leak tightness and longevity as well as for a wide variety of applications. For larger heating surface requirements, the heat exchanger can also be operated in series or in parallel, or it can be reinforced in the G.A.M. Plate heat exchanger product range by its two larger siblings, PowerBloc and Hybrid.

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